Ancient World Seminar

Via Appia Antica
Via Appia Antica - Quo Vadis?
(Photograph: Andrew Stephenson)

The Ancient World Seminar is held at 1-2 pm usually on Monday during semester for presentations and discussions of papers from students and academic staff on all aspects of the ancient world.


Hyun Jin Kim


Mcmahon Ball Theatre, Old Arts, unless otherwise noted.

2017 Programme

6 March

Michael Schmitz, University of Melbourne

The Evolution of Roman Armour during the Dacian Wars AD101-107

13 March

K.O. Chong-Gossard, University of Melbourne

The Pope's Shoes: Cultural Glosses by Guy Jouenneaux in Badius’ 1493 Edition of Terence's Comedies

20 March

Antonio Gonzalez, Deakin University

Cultural Cleansing and Iconoclasm under the ‘Islamic State’: Human/Heritage Attacks on Yezidis and Christians

27 March

Chris Gosden, University of Oxford

English Landscapes and Identities

3 April

Philipp Stockhammer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Drinks and Drugs: Entanglements of Aegean Pottery in the Late Bronze Age Southern Levant

10 April

Louise Hitchcock, University of Melbourne

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me: The Maritime Culture of the Sea People

24 April

Trudie Fraser, University of Melbourne

The Dilemma of Vibia Sabina's Roman Coins

1 May

Andrew Turner, University of Melbourne

Jodocus Badius and the Lyon Terence: The Earliest Illustratrated incunabulum of the Six Comedies

8 May

Stuart Ibrahim, University of Melbourne

Third Intermediate Period/Iron Age I-II Raphia and Egypt's Response to the Changed Political Spectrum in the Levant: Early Results

15 May

Brent Davis, University of Melbourne

The Phaistos Disk: A New Way of Looking at the Language Behind the Script

22 May

Frederik Vervaet, University of Melbourne

Last of the Naval Triumphs: Revisiting Some Key Actian Honours

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