Middle English Reading Group

All are welcome to come along, at whatever reading level you are; no familiarity with Middle English is required.

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Next Meeting

Monday 3 July at 11:00 in room 202, second floor, John Medley West.

We'll continue Chaucer's 'The Man of Law's Tale' from line 995.   Recommended print editions are The Riverside Chaucer and the Norton edition.  An online version of F. N. Robinson's edition is also available on the University of Michigan site.

Previous Texts

The Shepherds’ Play (N-Town Cycle)

Sir Thopas

The Awntyrs off Arthur

Confessio Amantis

Hoccleve’s Letter of Cupid


The Owl and the Nightingale


The Brut of England

King Horn

Alliterative Morte Arthure

Piers Plowman

The Parlement of the Thre Ages

Wynnere and Wastoure

The Book of the Duchess

Sir Launfal

Havelok the Dane


The Summoner’s Tale

The Friar’s Tale

The Second Shepherds’ Play (Towneley Cycle)

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Orfeo

The Reeve’s Tale