Transition to university life

Transition refers to your experience settling into University as a first year student. Arriving at university can be overwhelming at the start, and the transition experience will be different for everyone.

You might, for example, be coming to university straight from school, or it may be many years since you completed secondary school. You may be familiar with Melbourne and the campus or you may be relocating to Melbourne for the first time. There is no best way to start university.

There are four key aspects to your transition experience:


  • Learning new independent study skills
  • Learning how to stay on top of the assessment in all your subjects
  • Knowing where to ask for help if you need it


  • Making sure you do not get lost in the crowd
  • Finding new friends
  • Getting involved: join a study group, ask a friend from your tutorial for a coffee or join one of the many clubs and societies


  • Finding your way around a huge campus can feel daunting - you're not the only one to get lost!
  • Locating your Department, your teaching spaces and the Faculty Office
  • And if you're new to Melbourne, getting to know this exciting and challenging city


  • Managing your enrolment and knowing about the various deadlines dates for withdrawal from subjects etc: how to access this information
  • Balancing study, social life and work through time management skills
  • Navigating the Library and information systems
  • Asking for help: ask often and ask early!

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