Diploma in Modern Languages

Please note: The Diploma in Modern Languages is not available to students enrolled in new generation degrees or the Bachelor of Engineering. Students enrolled in these degrees may apply for entry to the Diploma in Languages.

The Diploma in Modern Languages (DML) provides students with the opportunity to gain a diploma in language study while completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. Diploma in Modern Languages students enrol in language subjects alongside their degree subjects in an integrated sequence of study. The Diploma is a three-year sequence of first, second and third year language study that adds at least one year to the duration of the degree program.

The Diploma is awarded upon successful the completion of the degree. Graduation from the Diploma will only occur when the degree is completed. Students may undertake one diploma at a time.

Students wishing to qualify for entry to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) should note that Diploma graduates must have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree to be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours), otherwise they may apply to enter the Graduate Diploma in Arts.

Course objectives

  • To aquire a mastery of oral/aural and writing/reading skills comparable to that of a student majoring in a language discipline
  • To gain a basic understanding of selected aspects of the cultures and societies associated with the language

Generic skills acquisition

Students that successfully complete the Diploma should be capable of communicating knowledge intelligibly, concisely and confidently through:

  • Essay and assignment preparation
  • Writing and tutorial discussion
  • Public speaking and class presentations

Admission requirements

The Diploma in Modern Languages is only available to Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), Arts combined and Heritage degree students. Applications must be submitted to the Arts Student Centre.

For students from faculties other than Arts, entry to the Diploma requires the approval of both the Faculty of Arts and the student's home faculty.

In order to commence the Diploma in Modern Languages in semester two, applicants must have completed the prerequisite semester one language subject/s, or equivalent.

How to apply

Language proficiency requirements

The Diploma may be available to students with no prior knowledge of a language as well as to those who have completed several years of study. See details of language streams below.

Your stream of study is dependent on previous language experience. The Handbook provides detailed information about available streams of study, procedures for enrolment and language testing.

Language streams

The Diploma can be taken in any language stream currently available as a 100 point major sequence in the Bachelor of Arts.

The following languages and stream levels are available for Diploma study:

Please note: A beginners stream sequence in Chinese requires 125 points of study. Therefore, it is not possible to complete the equivalent of a beginners stream Chinese major through the Diploma in Modern Languages.