The Faculty of Arts offers a number of internship programs with government, community, corporate and industry organisations. These specialised study programs serve as a bridge between study and work. All internship programs require students to participate in industry-based placements, as well as complete a significant research project under the supervision of an appropriate academic staff member.

Application requirements and dates

Special entry requirements apply for the limited number of places available. A quota is set for each internship program. Applications for the internship programs should be lodged with the relevant School. Check with each school for closing dates.

Health and safety

Internship placement and risk assessment form (P1). For students undertaking an internship in metropolitan Melbourne as part of an approved for-credit subject.

International, Study Abroad and Exchange applicants

International students are advised to speak to a student advisor in the Arts and Music Student Centre.


Bachelor of Arts internship

This unique subject allows Bachelor of Arts students studying any major to participate in an internship experience at one of a wide range of organsiations and institutions. This subject gives students real-world experience through the application and development of skills they have gained while studying their degree. It is a chance to make connections with employers and better understand the roles that will be available after graduation, and gain information that will assist with future career decisions. This subject involves completion of an 80 hour work placement and written assessment.

Arts internship application form, Summer Semester 2016 and Semester 1 2016 (65kb Word doc)

Letter/Email format: Approaching organisations about a placement (25kb Word doc)

Community Volunteering for Change

This subject gives students the opportunity to broaden their academic experience by getting involved in community volunteering projects and work placements. Students must have completed 100 points in their degree to be eligible. This subject is available as an elective to second and third year Bachelor of Arts students. It is also available as breadth in other undergraduate degrees where approved by the home faculty.

The Big Idea is a new initiative from The Big Issue, designed as a competition between students from universities across Australia. The Big Idea invites students to develop a concept and business plan for a social enterprise that could become the next Big Issue. The winning idea could potentially go on to be launched and delivered by The Big Issue on a national scale. It is available to students who enrol in Community Volunteering for Change in Semester 2, 2015. Read more about the Big Idea internship.

Community Volunteering for Change - Global

The Faculty of Arts is now offering an exciting new international community volunteering opportunity in partnership with respected volunteering organisation Australian Volunteers International (AVI). AVI works with individuals, organisations and communities in response to locally identified community priorities. Students enrolled in this subject will be making a contribution to local communities through their project work, research and engagement with Satunama, a locally run development organisation in Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

Students will be enrolled in the subject Community Volunteering for Change - Global intensively and be credited 12.50 points on completion.

Sociology internship

The Sociology Internship is offered at third year where students undertake a research project for an organisation. The project is an opportunity for students to experience the culture and challenges of the workplace and is the equivalent of two University subjects. Students undertake internships in the private sector (eg working in the Human Resource section of a major daily newspaper evaluating a change-management strategy); the public sector (e.g. working with a local government on developing a graffiti strategy); and non-governmental organisations (eg The Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa Foundation evaluating education programs). This subject is not available to Study Abroad or CAP students. It is available to students completing a Sociology major and has a quota of 16 students.

Public Affairs internship

Students enrolled in this program will have the active experience of working for a community organisation, a government department, or a local government organisation. The central task will be to complete a research report of relevance to the organisation. Organisations that have recently hosted students include The Wilderness Society, Australian Film Commission and Victorian Department of Infrastructure. This subject is offered at third year and is not available as breadth or to CAP students. It is available to Study Abroad students. There is a quota of 30 students per semester.

Uni-Capitol Washington internship program

Politics and International Studies students are given the opportunity to participate in the Uni-Capitol Washington internship program, which establishes internships in the US Congress in Washington DC. The program runs for eight weeks and interns work full time in the US Congress on both administrative and substantive matters, in exchange for unique access to educational perspectives on the US Congress. Participation in this internship may be credited towards the Public Affairs or Executive internship. This subject has a quota and is not available to Study Abroad or CAP students.

More information on the Uni-Capitol Washington internship program can be found on the School of Social and Political Sciences Internships web page.

Criminology internship

The Criminology internship, offered to honours and graduate students through the Criminology program, is designed to provide students with hands-on research experience in a criminal justice related organisation. The internship involves students undertaking a specific research project for the organisation, culminating in a 5000 word report. The purpose of the subject is twofold. First, to expose students to the operation of a government or community-based organisation, where, in the course of an agreed research project, students have the opportunity to enhance their skills of data collection, analysis, report writing, observation, listening, and cooperation, as well as to develop appropriate professional contacts. Second, to facilitate an understanding of the relationship between social and criminological theory and the practical operation of a criminal justice agency.

Some of the many agencies which have interned students in the past:

  • The Victoria Police
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Liberty Victoria
  • The Australian Drug Foundation
  • The Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
  • The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
  • The Red Cross

The Criminology internship is run over two semesters and is worth 25 points in total. The equivalent of 150 - 170 hours will be spent on the agency internship itself, including establishing and conducting the research project and preparing the report (worth 70%). In addition, up to eight two-hour seminars are run throughout the year and students must also prepare a theoretical essay (25%) and give a short seminar presentation (5%).