Study overseas

The Faculty of Arts invites high achieving students to undertake study overseas for credit towards their degree.

And students from around the world are invited to study at the Faculty of Arts. Visit the Melbourne Global Mobility website for more information. If you have been accepted to study within the Faculty see the Incoming exchange and study abroad web page.


As an exchange student, you can study for a single semester or full year at one of over 118 of the University’s partner institutions, in countries such as the USA, China, France, Norway, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Ireland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, and the UK.

Study abroad

Study Abroad allows students to study at an overseas institution that does not have an Exchange agreement with the University of Melbourne.

Overseas intensive programs

Arts students, particularly those who are learning a language, may wish to study overseas but are either unable or unwilling to commit themselves to a minimum semester-long program. These students may wish to participate in an intensive program run at an overseas institution during the University of Melbourne's winter or summer break.

Overseas intensive subjects

The School of Culture and Communication and the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies teach subjects overseas as one-month intensive fieldwork programs in the summer or winter non-teaching period. See the school websites for more information on the entry requirements.

2015 Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Tour

The annual Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour takes place in October or November of each year, taking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university undergraduates who have completed at least two years of their course of study to visit overseas institutions in the United States or United Kingdom. This initiative gives participants who are interested in postgraduate study an insight into the realities of undertaking postgraduate study overseas. More information...

Faculty of Arts Exchange Enabling Scholarships

The Faculty of Arts Exchange Enabling Scholarships provide funding to students who might not be able to consider an overseas experience because of financial constraints or those who could benefit from additional financial support to enhance their experience. We will consider students who fall into the categories of disability, low socioeconomic, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander, or difficult personal circumstance. Funding will be assessed and awarded on a needs basis. Applicants are required to provide supporting documentation that attests to the disadvantage experienced. More information...

Community Volunteering for Change - Global

The Faculty of Arts is now offering an exciting new international community volunteering opportunity in partnership with respected volunteering organisation Australian Volunteers International (AVI). AVI works with individuals, organisations and communities in response to locally identified community priorities. Students enrolled in this subject will be making a contribution to local communities through their project work, research and engagement with Satunama, a locally run development organisation in Jogyakarta, Indonesia.

Students will be enrolled in the subject Community Volunteering for Change - Global intensively and be credited 12.50 points on completion.