Selecting and changing subjects

Courses are open for re-enrolment and subject changes through the Student Portal at the start of each semester. The usual subject variation period is the first two weeks of semester for standard semester-length subjects and the first day of classes for intensive subjects.

  1. Check your course requirements via the Handbook entry for your course in the year you commenced
  2. Choose your subjects from the Handbook
  3. Log in to the subject selection module via Student Portal
  4. Follow the steps to select or change your enrolment

Please note: To request enrolment in a subject for which you need permission, obtain the written approval of the subject coordinator and submit it through online enrolment request.

It may be several days before you receive notice that your subject selection has been approved. You may assume your selection will be approved providing you have:

  • Met all the prerequisites for the selected subject/s
  • Not exceeded 56.25 points per semester
  • Enrolled according to study rules for your course