Timetable and class registration

Timetable planning

During the October-December re-enrolment period, you will need to plan your timetable manually. A link to the timetable for each subject is available within its subject entry in the University handbook. More information about the timetable can be found on the Planning your classes web page.

Online class registration

Registering for lectures and tutorials is a separate process from subject enrolment. Class registration usually opens four weeks prior to semester. For more information please see the Registering for classes web page.

Register for classes in your student portal by clicking on the icon of each subject on the right hand side of the screen. Then click on your preferred time in the grid.

If a lecture appears as 'full' in your online timetable, do not be concerned as a larger venue will be found to accommodate all students. 

If your preferred tutorial is full, you will need to select an alternative tutorial group. If you are unable to create a clash-free timetable by the start of semester, contact us for assistance.