Special consideration

Students who experience unusual circumstances that have adversely impacted on their preparation and performance in assessments may apply for special consideration.

Students should view information on the subject's LMS web page or contact their subject coordinator to determine whether an application for special consideration is appropriate. A special consideration application may be required or the request may be managed directly by the subject coordinator under the Extensions Procedure (MPF1029).


Students are advised to read the Special Consideration Procedure (MPF1297) on the Melbourne Policy Library website before submitting an application.

How to apply

Apply for special consideration through the Student Portal via the Apply for Special Consideration link under Exams and Results in the Student Admin tab.

Students are asked to submit supporting documentation in the form of an HPR (Health Professional Report), statutory declaration or other professionally-prepared documentation to their Student Centre. HPR and statutory declarations are available online and can be printed out at the end of the online application process.


In line with the Special Consideration Procedure (MPF1297) the outcomes could be:

  • Insufficient grounds 
  • Special assessment (normally in the form of a formally supervised examination)
  • Extension 
  • Exemption 
  • No appropriate action
  • Late withdrawal recommended

If students are offered a special assessment, they must make themselves available during the Supplementary/Special Examination periods.