Opening the Door into the Arab World 2017

Opening the Door into the Arab World, an annual event run by the Arabic Program in the Asia Institute, attracted students from four secondary schools around Victoria and showcased the career pathways that tertiary study of Arabic can lead to.

On Saturday 16 September 2017, the Arabic Program hosted around 100 secondary school students of Arabic and their teachers for Opening the Door into the Arab World, a half-day program whose aim is to showcase the wide range of career opportunities available to university graduates with effective Arabic language skills. Dr Christina Mayer, course convenor, gathered an enthusiastic group of student volunteers, staff and current and former Arabic students for an interesting and varied program of short seminars, small-group discussions and a dance performance to encourage the visiting students to incorporate Arabic in their study plan when enrolling at university.

Dr Andrew Jamieson recounts how learning Arabic advanced his archaeological career in the Arab World.

The Antonine College Lebanese dance group performs for the students.
Arabic Program tutor Iman Riman (L) interviews guest presenter Dr Amir Zayegh (R) for SBS Radio.

Dr Fiona Hill discusses the relevance of Arabic-speaking countries to the rest of the world.