Student success at 16th Chinese Bridge Competition

Congratulations to Asia Institute student, Anne-Aélis Perfrement, who won the Oceania 1st Prize and ran up to Global 5th place in the 16th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition, the most prestigious competition for Chinese learners all around the world, held from 11 July - 12 August 2017.

Anne-Aélis Perfrement (Bachelor of Science [Pure Mathematics] and Diploma of Languages [Chinese]) travelled to China to compete against Chinese learners from all over world. She impressed the judging panel and audiences in the erudite competitions that covered knowledge from Chinese language (modern and classical), Chinese society and culture. Her breath-taking Chinese dance even won her a title in the Top 10 Most Popular Contestants on Chinese social media!

According to Anne-Aélis, the best part of her experience is neither winning a 3-year scholarship in China plus round-trip flight tickets, nor the big titles she earned, but the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds with the same passion for learning Chinese language and culture.