Teaching collaboration with Hokkaido University

The winter term of Contemporary Japan (JAPN20005) is well underway at Hokkaido University (Hokudai), Sapporo Japan. Fourteen undergraduate students from the University of Melbourne are enrolled in the subject, which runs from 3 July – 19 July, and includes 12 teaching sessions (lectures and tutorials) and two field trips over the weekends.

Earlier in the week, students went to the Ainu Museum in Shiraoi, providing a great opportunity for first-hand observation and experiences. The subject is also part of Hokkaido University Summer Institute: three staff members from Hokudai collaborate in the teaching with University of Melbourne Asia Institute Professor Akihiro Ogawa, and 16 students from Hokkaido and other partner universities in the US, Russia, China, and South Korea, are enrolled in the subject. University of Melbourne students are officially registered at Hokudai and also receive formal credits there.

This is the first teaching collaboration with Hokkaido University in the area of Japanese Studies, which is considered to be a stepping-stone to establish the Modern Japanese Studies Consortium – a global research network in Japanese Studies. This will be another highlight in the University's centenary celebration of Japanese language teaching.