Research projects

The Asia Institute is distinguished by its active research profile. Faculty and graduate research projects involve not only aspects of our four target areas (Arabic and Islamic Studies, China, Indonesia, Japan) but also, and very importantly, Australia's relationship to Asia.

Current projects

A number of projects probe Asia-Australian relations as well as the lives and cultures of Asian migrants to Australia. Other areas of research include computer aided language learning (CALL), endangered languages, dialectology, modern history and various forms of Asian popular culture.

A detailed listing of current research projects being undertaken at the Asia Institute is below.

Past research projects can be accessed through our online archive.

Asian-Australian Public Policy Project

Name Project title Funding agency PeriodPartners
Professor Thomas Reuter Religion and spirituality in the contemporary world: An Indonesian case study Australian Research Council (Future Fellowship) 2009-2016  
Professor Abdullah Saeed

Reception of historical and critical approaches to the Qur'an in Muslim educational institutions

Australian Research Council

Dr Claire Maree Writing identity onto the screen: Subtitles and captions in Japanese media Australian Research Council (Discovery) 2015-2017  
Dr Gerald Roche

Ethnicity and assimilation in China: The case of the Monguor in Tibet

Australian Research Council 2015-2017 
Dr Ken Setiawan

Understanding the relationship between leadership and human rights promotion in Indonesian human rights discourses at the regional, national and local levels under President Joko Widodo

McKenzie Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program, University of Melbourne2015-2019 
Dr Claire Maree and Dr Ikuko NakaneThirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women’s Interview DiscourseAustralian Research Council (Discovery)2017-2019La Trobe University; Monash University; Osaka University