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Ear to Asia is a podcast series produced by Asia Institute and is hosted by broadcaster Sen Lam. From Japan to Turkey, from China to Indonesia, and to many places in between, Ear to Asia talks with our researchers who focus on Asia - in all its diversity of peoples, societies and histories. If you'd like to feast your ears on in-depth conversations about the world’s most populous and dynamic region, we encourage you to subscribe to Ear to Asia.

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Episode 6: All under heaven: China's often misunderstood approach to sovereignty

Further reading

Download the transcript of Episode 6.

Episode 5: A tale of two diasporas: Indians in the global workforce

Further reading

Download the transcript of Episode 5.

Episode 4: Sexual citizenship and same-sex relationships in Japan

Read more about Dr Claire Maree.

Episode 3: Memories of ‘65: Young Indonesians go digital to shine a light on a massacre denied

Read more about Dr Ken Setiawan.

Episode 2: Lost in translation? Foreigners on trial in Japan and the language divide

Further reading

Download the transcript of Episode 2.

Read more about Dr Ikuko Nakane.

Dr Ikuko Nakane's book: Languages and Identities in a Transitional Japan: From Internationalization to Globalization; Routledge, 2015.

Episode 1: Modernity's Broken Promise and the Rise of a New Islamic Populism

Further reading

Download the transcript of Episode 1.

Read more about Professor Vedi Hadiz.

Professor Vedi Hadiz' book: Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East; Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Episode 0: Teaser

About the host

Sen Lam is a veteran journalist and broadcaster, with over thirty years' reporting experience in the Asian region. As a young newscaster, Sen hosted the nine o'clock news on Singapore television, before joining the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1988, where he remained for over twenty five years. Among other roles, Sen hosted the Asia Pacific program on ABC Radio Australia, Radio National and NewsRadio, before it ended in late 2014. Sen has since left the ABC and continues to write. He has reported from a variety of Asian countries, including Burma, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He was an inaugural member of the 2013 UNAIDS AsiaPacific media network formed in Bangkok. Sen is a proud alumnus of Lancaster University, UK.

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