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Convenor: Professor Vedi Hadiz

The countries of Asia are Australia's largest trading partners and are of vital importance to Australia's economic growth and security. For Australians, Asia increasingly defines who we are and our place in the world. A knowledge of Asia is thus a crucial national asset at a time of rapid globalisation and social change. International students wishing to add an Asian competency to their qualifications will find a broad range of subjects taught by experts in the Asian region.

The Asian Studies program at The University of Melbourne is one of the largest in Australia. Asian Studies subjects are taught both within Asia Institute and across the Faculties. This enables the University to offer a comprehensive range of subjects in the rich intellectual, cultural, legal, economic, political and religious traditions of Asia, with a focus on China, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East and Southeast Asian and Pacific societies.

Asian Studies subjects are normally taught in English and do not require language prerequisites. It is recommended that students majoring in Asian Studies also study an Asian language but this is not compulsory.

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Ways to enrol in Asian Studies

Undergraduate students can study Asian Studies as:

  • A major in a Bachelor of Arts or combined Arts degree, or as an option within your non-Arts degree (see Asian studies subjects below)
  • In a fourth year honours program

Asian Studies can also be studied through:

Available subjects

The Asia Institute offers a range of subjects in Asian Studies. Some examples include:

  • Language and Power in Asian Societies
  • Asian Century: Meaning and Impact
  • Asian Arts: Networks and Hubs
  • Media and Urban Culture in Asia
  • Modern Southeast Asia
  • Identity, Ideology & Nationalism in Asia
  • Asian Religions in Societal Context

See the full list of subjects in the Handbook

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