Indonesian language and studies


Convenor: Michael Ewing

Indonesia's geographic proximity and strategic importance to Australia make it vital to understand its peoples, politics, history, languages and cultures. Indonesia is the most influential member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and as the fourth most populous country in the world is an increasingly important force in world affairs. Indonesia is culturally diverse, comprising hundreds of different ethnic groups and languages with rich literary traditions, spread over thousands of islands. It has the world's largest Muslim-majority population but also includes significant Christian, Buddhist and Hindu minorities. The national language of Indonesia, Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia, has made an important contribution to the country's unity. Based on Malay, Indonesian is closely related to the national languages of three other Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, thus giving access to more than 200 million people on Australia's doorstep.

Studying Indonesian at Asia Institute makes a difference. Indonesian Studies at Asia Institute is one of the premier Indonesian programs in Australia. Studying Indonesian at the University of Melbourne provides thorough training in the language and a broad understanding of contemporary Indonesian culture, politics and society. Expertise in Indonesian studies can enhance employment opportunities in commerce, education, government and cultural affairs. It can also serve as the foundation for further research through post-graduate work in Indonesian Studies.

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Ways to study Indonesian

Undergraduate students can study Indonesian as:

Indonesian can also be studied through:

At the graduate level, Indonesian studies offer courses for:

Indonesian can also be a component in an Asian studies program at either undergraduate or graduate level.

Available subjects

The Asia Institute offers a range of subjects in Indonesian Language and Studies. Some examples include:

  • Indonesian language at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Indonesia in the World
  • Literature: Reading Indonesian Lives
  • Diversity: Identities in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Languages in Social Context
  • Creative Industries in Indonesia
  • Popular Cultures in Indonesia

See the full list of subjects in the Handbook

Indonesian LOTE accreditation examination

The Institute holds examinations for LOTE accreditation for prospective teachers of Indonesian in the first or second week of January and June each year. The examination consists of written and oral components. Further information on how to apply, dates and fees can be found on the LOTE accreditation exams web page.