Research briefs

Reforming history: Putting the CCP back into China's historical narratives

Dr Sow Keat Tok, CCCS Deputy Director

Research Brief No. 7 April 2017

Ending China's One-Child Policy: Too little too late?

Professor Martin K Whyte, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies Asia Scholar

Research Brief No. 6 February 2017

Affordable housing provision in urban China: A solution for whom?

Lei Yu, PhD Candidate, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Research Brief No. 5 October 2016

The end of poverty in China?

Dr Sarah Rogers, Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Research Brief No. 4 August 2016

Selling China to the world: translators beware!

Bei Hu, Asia Institute Master of Translation Student

Research Brief No. 3 June 2016

The Tibet project

Dr Gerald Roche, DECRA Fellow, Asia Institute

Research Brief No. 2 April 2016

Can a modern system of governance work under Xi?

Professor Christine Wong, Director, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Research Brief No. 1 February 2016

Research Briefs are a bimonthly publication from the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies. The Briefs offer analysis of recent developments in China and an introduction to current academic research. The Research Briefs are distributed to our academic, government and business networks.

The Centre is currently soliciting 50-100 word proposals from those who may wish to contribute, including graduate students and colleagues. We are pleased to offer $200 to the author(s) of published Briefs.

The Research Briefs are aimed at a general audience with an interest in China: we expect proposals to tell a coherent story about a topic of general interest. If your proposal is accepted, the full Brief will be approximately 1000-1500 words. The Research Briefs will not include citations, though you may include hyperlinks in the main text to websites or published papers of interest. Avoid academic jargon as much as possible.

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