Chinese Studies Research Group

The Chinese Studies Research Group (CSRG) meets several times a year on Fridays to discuss and share ideas and experiences relating to researching China. We also hold regular Research Days to provide Chinese Studies researchers with the opportunity to share their knowledge.

Seminars in 2016 were held on;

  • Friday 8 April
  • Friday 13 May (GSM)
  • Friday 24 June
  • Friday 26 August (Fieldwork Workshop)
  • Friday 14 October

Seminars ran from 9am-2pm in the Dulcie Hollyock Room in Baillieu Library

In 2016, the Chinese Studies Research Group also held an International Chinese Studies Research Forum.

See information on seminars and research days from 2015

The research areas of our participants are very broad and include, for example: Ming Dynasty history, contemporary politics, Buddhist writings, environmental management, traditional music, anthropology, Christian missionaries, applied linguistics, urban property, education, popular culture and media, etc.

The Group encourages all postgraduate students and academics, regardless of their disciplinary area, who are working on or researching on or about China to join as a member.

CSRG committee and contacts


Chen Li
PhD candidate, School of Geography
Phone: 0451150016


Tao Xue
PhD candidate, School of Geography
Phone: 0431014584


Lei Yu
PhD candidate, Asia Institute
Phone: 0410363751

Program Coordinator

Lingfen Zhang
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Committee Members

Xiao Tan (Monica)
PhD candidate, Asia Institute
Phone: 0413057922

Asako P. Saito
PhD candidate, Asia Institute

Dr. Rey Tiquia
Honorary Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
Email: or
Phone: 0419616630

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