Study spaces

The School provides several common spaces expressly for the use of our research higher degree (RHD) students, and allocates office space twice yearly.

Common spaces

The common spaces are available for any RHD student to use on a casual basis:

Room 631 is located on the sixth floor of the East Tower of John Medley (Building 191) and is an open common room, which offers several networked computers, tables and armchairs, a printer for which graduates need to provide their own paper, fridge, microwave and wireless networking.

Room 322 is located on the third floor of the West Tower of John Medley (Building 191) and is a computer lab with desks and networked computers. This room is fitted with a keypad for secure access. If you would like to use this room for study, please email Evan Lloyd and he will tell you the access code.

You can request after hours access to the building. Email Annemarie Levin with your student ID.


The School retains a number of offices on the 6th floor of John Medley (Building 191) for allocation to RHD students. Most offices contain two or more workspaces, and desktop computers can usually be provided on request. A printer is available in room 631.

Graduates should be aware that there is often more demand for space than can be accommodated. If you are granted access to a study space, it is expected that you will make regular and consistent use of this space. If you are not using it regularly, you owe it to your fellow graduates to give up that study space so it can be made available to another student. This will not render you less eligible if you wish to apply for space again at a later date.

There are two rounds of applications for allocated workspaces each year, opening in April and October. The call for applications is sent out via email to all currently enrolled research higher degree students in the School. Make sure to check your University email account.

Study space policy (20kb pdf)

University study spaces

Faculty of Arts

Old Arts (Building 149)

A variety of facilities are offered by the Graduate School including the RHD reading room, Arts Graduate Hall, a telephone conference room, reading group and seminar rooms and equipment for loan. For more information please visit the Faculty of Arts Graduate studies web page.

Graduate Centre

Graduate Centre (Builidng 198)

Study rooms are available for research students, for use on a time-share or room-share basis. Carrels are booked by the semester and preference is given to students in the writing-up stage of their research. Graduate Centre study rooms are allocated by the Graduate Student Association (GSA). For more information please see the GSA Tenured study spaces web page.

Baillieu Library

Ballileu Library (Building 177)

A limited number of carrels are available to both Master of Arts and PhD candidates, while only PhD students may apply for the very limited number (21) of offices. Enquire at the Loans Desk in the Baillieu Library. For more information please visit the University Library website.