Arts and Cultural Management


The Master of Arts and Cultural Management will give you the knowledge and skills base you need to pursue careers in the management of the arts and cultural sector. This vocationally-orientated program delivers transferrable skills you can apply across a broad range of art form contexts including film, theatre, dance, music and the visual arts. You will also develop a practical understanding of cultural policy development in local councils and government.

As a Master of Arts and Cultural Management student, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain practical skills to project manage small and large enterprises and broaden your understanding of issues concerning the arts, including financial management and contract negotiations
  • Sharpen your leadership potential and ability to function ethically, imaginatively and resourcefully to advance the arts and promote them nationally and internationally
  • Expand your professional networks and put your skills into practice with an internship placement
  • Select an optional moving image specialisation, allowing you to focus on management and curatorship of film

Our alumni can be found in cultural management careers across the globe in the management of performing arts companies, cultural policy in government agencies, arts and culture in local government settings, gallery, moving image and museum management.

I currently research in the area of cultural policy and government expenditures on the arts. I recently completed a quite large study on the nature of leadership in Arts organisations, and in particular the relationship between the artistic director of the organisation and the general manager. Dr Kate MacNeill , Senior Lecturer and Program Head, Arts and Cultural Management


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