Australian Indigenous Studies


Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne is an exciting interdisciplinary program that offers students an opportunity to learn about the history and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Australian Indigenous Studies in the Faculty of Arts is a value driven program guided by the principles of interdisciplinary knowledge, intellectual exchange and social relevance.

Since 2007, under the guidance of Philip Morrissey, the Australian Indigenous Studies program has undergone rapid and continual development. The program launched an interdisciplinary Major in 2009 and an Honours program in 2011. Australian Indigenous Studies also offers a Graduate Certificate in Arts (Australian Indigenous Studies) and the Graduate Diploma in Arts (Australian Indigenous Studies), as well as supervision for Research Higher Degree students.

Australian Indigenous Studies enables students to develop deep and nuanced intellectual positions and critically and analytically engage with historical and contemporary issues in Australian society. Australian Indigenous Studies has an evolving disciplinary identity that incorporates and acknowledges diverse cultural frameworks, allowing students to consider issues from complex and multifaceted perspectives.

Australian Indigenous Studies is coordinated by a committed and dynamic team: Philip Morrissey (Academic Coordinator), Odette Kelada (Lecturer), and Neika Lehman (Project Officer).

We will not teach you how to think. We'll respect the positions students bring into the program. We want them to actually strengthen those positions, to contest them and we want them to leave our program able to participate in Australian civic life, in all its dimensions... Mr Philip Morrissey, Academic Coordinator, Australian Indigenous Studies



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