Work Integrated Learning Industry Projects subject

Work Integrated Learning in the Faculty of Arts: Offering an Industry Project


This subject will provide students the opportunity to gain extended industry experience through project work. Undergraduates who enrol in this subject get the opportunity to work on a real industry project in their second or third year of their Bachelor degree.

In collaboration with industry partners, small teams of students work on campus throughout the semester to recommend potential avenues for improvement, refinement or evaluation of an existing project or concept idea that is identified or deemed of interest by the industry collaborators. At the end of semester, students will present the results to an audience of industry specialists, clients and peers.

Why offer a project to students?

Industry Projects provides you the opportunity to oversee a small group of students working on your project which, when completed, can be used by your organisation. Industry Projects generally take place at the University with regular input from the organisation which allows you to gain the benefits of student’s time, without providing office space or other resources.

Student support

Students will attend seminars throughout semester which will incorporate team building activities, business strategies, communication, time management and knowledge of organisations, workplace culture and career pathways. Host Organisations will develop a collaborative relationship with both the students and the supervising academic, but won’t need to be involved in the day-to-day supervision of the work.

Submitting a project brief

To submit a project, you will be asked to provide:

  • Organisational background information
  • Project drivers
  • Project proposal
  • Project related data
  • Constraints

Please note: Submit this information via the Expression of Interest - Industry Project form by 31 March 2017 for consideration in the Semester 2, 2017 subject.

Complete the form

Key timelines

In 2017, this subject is being offered to students in Semester 2. Therefore students who enrol in the subject will be able to work on your project during August, September and October 2017.

In order to promote your project brief to prospective students, please submit your brief by 31 March 2017. Once project briefs are collated, the projects and subject will be promoted to students throughout April and May. During this time, students will submit expressions of interest to the Student Programs team in the Faculty of Arts.

Students will be selected based on academic merit and their interest in their preferred project by the end of June. You will be introduced to your team via an initial email in July and given further instructions on next steps.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay the student?

Students do not need to be paid for their time when working on industry-based projects. Under the Fair Work Act 2009 students who undertake a placement for credit towards their degree are able to be lawfully unpaid for the duration of the specified course requirements. For University of Melbourne students, the WIL opportunity should last between 10 - 25 days depending on the program. However, paying a student is at the discretion of the host organisation.

Will the student be covered by an insurance policy if they visit my organisation?

The university will provide insurance to cover the duration of a student's placement for credit towards their degree. The certificate of currency can be provided prior to the start of the WIL opportunity. If you are renumerating a student, the student is considered as an employee and is covered by the organisation’s insurance policy. In some cases, you may need complete an additional form to ensure that students are covered by the University's insurance. For more information please get in contact email the Student Programs team.

How much time will I need to offer the students undertaking a project?

To ensure the students and host get the most out of the opportunity, you will be asked to meet with the students at the beginning of semester in the last week in July. Half way through the semester, students should have the opportunity to 'check in' with their host to ensure they are on the right track. Finally, at the end of semester, students will present their projects to the host organisation in person. Some email contact throughout the duration of the project should be expected.

Will I be able to keep the intellectual property of the completed project?

Yes. Students will sign a Deed Poll which will ensure that host organisations maintain intellectual property from the project.

Can the student continue working with my organisation outside of their set hours?

Work undertaken by the student will be strictly limited to their number of prescribed hours. Any work undertaken in addition to these hours should be discussed between the host organisation and the student and a work arrangement should be established.

Do I have to assess the student's work they complete on the placement?

In most cases no, but this can vary between subjects. You may be asked to complete a feedback form after the end of the WIL opportunity.

Why take on University of Melbourne students?

The University of Melbourne is the most prestigious University in Australia - ranked 1st in Australia and 13th in the world for Arts and Humanities. Our students are some of the best in the country with a range of existing skills; strong passions and are extremely driven. We have a dedicated team of staff who will help both students and hosts throughout the Work Integrated Learning journey.