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RUIL Research Newsletter November 2016

Welcome to the latest newsletter of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. This newsletter was published thrice-yearly in 2016 and contains details of the research activities, latest news and other achievements of the Research Unit.

Fieldwork Report: Dr Stefan Schnell

This October, I visited the village of Vera'a on the west coast of Vanua Lava, the largest of the Banks Islands in the northern Torba Province of the Republic of Vanuatu, one of Australia's closest neighbours in the Pacific. Like all other languages of Vanuatu, Vera'a belongs to the group of Oceanic languages within the Austronesian language family. During my 12th or so stay on Vanua Lava since end 2006, we continued our... Continue reading....

Linguistics Roadshow visits Broome, WA

In August, community members in Broome, WA were visited by the Linguistics Roadshow - a workshop program developed by RUIL student Katie Jepson and associates Jill Vaughan and Rosey Billington. They were joined this year by RUIL student Pete Nyhuis and also by Amit German. The Linguistics Roadshow is an interactive showcase introducing the science of language for high-school students. The Roadshow has... Continue reading....

The Daly Languages Project

2016 saw the establishment of an exciting new repatriation project run by RUIL Director Rachel Nordlinger and Dr Ian Green. From 1980 until the mid-1990s, Ian conducted linguistic fieldwork in the Daly region in the Northern Territory. During this time he created an extensive collection of audio recordings, field notes and analyses on many of the languages in the area. Most of these languages are... Continue reading....

RUIL Research Newsletter November 2016