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RUIL Research Newsletter August 2017

Welcome to the latest newsletter of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. This newsletter is published thrice yearly and contains details of the research activities, latest news and other achievements of the Research Unit.

Rebecca Defina | Fieldwork in Pukatja, Central Australia

Dr Rebecca Defina is a RUIL team member who began her postdoctoral fellowship in 2016. This April and May, she visited Pukatja (Ernabella) in central Australia for her second fieldtrip as part of the Pitjantjatjara language acquisition project. One of the main parts of this project is building a longitudinal corpus of children talking with their families. Each child in the project is... Continue reading....

Hywel Stoakes in Galiwin'ku, NT

In October 2016 RUIL team member Hywel Stoakes travelled to the island community of Galiwin'ku off Eastern Arnhem Land to talk with Djambarrpuyŋu speakers about their language. Hywel is currently researching the phonetic patterns of voicing in Yolngu Matha varieties but the focus of this trip was to present a perceptual task to first language speakers of Djambarrpuyŋu. The aim of the project is... Continue reading....

Tim Brickell | Northwest Sulawesi, Indonesia

RUIL team member Tim Brickell started with us in late 2016, through the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme. In June and July this year he spent time in the villages of Silian and Kali Oki’ in the Tonsawang/Toundanow (Malayo-Polynesian > Western Malayo-Polynesian > Philippine > Minahasan) speech communities situated in Southeast Minahasa province, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. During this time Tim recorded a number of culturally... Continue reading....

RUIL Research Newsletter August 2017