RUIL's 'word posts' project: resources

The Research Unit for Indigenous Language strives to increase community awareness of the incredible linguistic diversity found in Australia by featuring images of different things (generally nouns), and their words in various Indigenous languages. Our 'word posts' appear every three days, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following us @indiglang. Here is an example:

image of clouds with words in four Indigenous langauges (Wambaya, Yindjibarnd, Alywarr and Kukatja)

The languages

We source the words for these posts from a variety of print and online dictionaries. Below is a list of the languages we've featured and the resources used to date in this project. If you would like us to include another language in this list, please get in touch and let us know the language and its resource!

Alyawarr: Blackman, D., & Moore, D. (2004). Alyawarr picture dictionary. Alice Springs, N.T: IAD Press.

Bilinarra: Meakins, F. (2013). Bilinarra to English dictionary. Batchelor, N.T: Batchelor Press.

Bundjalung: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Central Anmatyerr: Green, Jenny. 2003. Central Anmatyerr picture dictionary. Alice Springs, N.T.: IAD Press.

Dalabon: Evans, N., Merlan, F., Tukumba, M., & Maningrida Arts and Culture. (2004). A first dictionary of Dalabon (Ngalkbon). Maningrida, N.T: Maningrida Arts and Culture.

Dätiwuy: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Dharug/Eora: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Diyari: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Eastern Arrernte: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Gooniyandi: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Gumbaynggirr: Morelli, S. (2008). Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learner's grammar =: Gumbaynggirr bijaarr jandaygam, ngaawa gugaarrigam. Nambucca Heads, N.S.W: Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-operative.

Gurindji: Meakins, F. (2013). Gurindji to English dictionary. Batchelor, N.T: Batchelor Press.

Gurr-goni: Green, R., & Nimbadja, L. (2015). Gurr-goni to English dictionary.

Kaurna: Macquarie Aboriginal Words. (1994).

Kriol: online Kriol dictionary:

Kukatja: Valiquette, H. (1993). A basic Kukatja to English dictionary. Balgo, W.A: Luurnpa Catholic School.

Kundedjnjenghmi: Bininj Gun Wok names for plants and animals:

Kundjeyhmi: Bininj Gun Wok names for plants and animals:

Kune/Mayali: Bininj Gun Wok names for plants and animals:

Kuninjku: Bininj Gun Wok names for plants and animals:

Kunwinjku: Bininj Gun Wok names for plants and animals:

Mawng: online Mawng dictionary

Meryam Mir: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994);

Murrinhpatha: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Narungga: In Narungga aboriginal progress association (Maitland, Australie),. (2006). Nharangga warra: Narungga dictionary. Maitland: Narungga aboriginal progress Association.

Ngandi: Heath, J. M. (1978). Ngandi grammar, texts, and dictionary. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies.

Ngiyampaa: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Nhanda: Blevins, J. (2001). Nhanda: An Aboriginal language of Western Australia. Honolulu: University of Hawaiʻi Press.

Nyungar: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Barkindji/Paakantyi: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjatjara: Goddard, C., & Institute for Aboriginal Development (Alice Springs, N.T.). (1992). Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara to English dictionary. Alice Springs, N.T: Institute for Aboriginal Development.

Torres Strait Creole: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Wambaya: Nordlinger (1998) Wambaya Dictionary (unpublished manuscript)

Wembawemba: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Wik Mungkan: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Wiradjuri: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994) and Grant, Stan & Rudder, John (2010) A new Wiradjuri Dictionary. O'Connor, ACT: Restoration House. Accessed via

Yindjibarndi: Macquarie Aboriginal Words (1994)

Yolŋu Matha:

The images

We source the images for these posts from a variety of free online image databases, which release images free of copyright or licencing restrictions. These include sources such as and

However, sometimes these sources just don't showcase (enough) the incredible wildlife that Australia has to offer. In these cases, we are helped out by people sharing their own photos with the project. Many thanks to RUIL team members Brighde Collins and Jennifer Green, and to Flickr user Duncan McCaskill. Please get in touch with us if you would like to contribute!