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A collection of publications by Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL) team members to increase general knowledge of issues surrounding Indigenous languages.

Murrinhpatha research

The below video was produced by The University of Melbourne, illustratingsome of the great work happening at the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. Researchers at RUIL work with Indigenous communities to record and better understand Indigenous languages. One of the languages researched by RUIL's director, Associate Professor Rachel Nordlinger, is Murrinhpatha, spoken in the Northern Territory community of Wadeye. This language has some unique features that reveal a lot about the community's shared perspective and experience.

The University is a major research partner for the new ARC Centre for Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, and the Melbourne team will be housed in the School of Language and Linguistics. It's dedicated to unearthing new insights about language and the way languages differ and evolve. You can find more information about the program on the School of Languages and Linguistics Research groups web page.

RUIL Director Rachel Nordlinger featured in The University of Melbourne research video

Associate Professor Rachel Nordinger, the director of RUIL, was recently featured in The University of Melbourne's most recent promotional video, showcasing the important areas of research around the university. You can find Rachel at around the 1 minute mark!

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