National Imams Consultative Forum

ANIC LOGO The National Imams Consultative Forum (NICF) is an initiative of the NCEIS in partnership with the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC).

The NICF is an initiative that aims to empower Imams, academics and government to work together in generating awareness and useful and informed action on community safety, radicalisation and violent extremism.

The NICF is made up of over 20 imams from every State and Territory of Australia, representing a cross-section of Australian Muslim schools of thought. It is the first group of its kind to be formed in Australia. In its first year the NICF convened three times to discuss issues relating to community safety, radicalisation and violent extremism in Australia, and a further three workshops are planned for the next 12 months. Participants will hear presentations from academic, government and community perspectives, and contribute to discussions on key issues of relevance to the NICF's interests. Where possible, the NCEIS will upload audio, video, or transcripts from these presentations.

The NICF will have a presence on the NCEIS website, which will initially include a range of resources that challenge terrorism and other forms of extremism from an Islamic perspective. Further resources will be added to the website over the coming months.

The purpose of this website is to support and complement the activities of the NICF, and to provide a resource to those interested in working to prevent violent extremism and terrorism, both within the Australian Muslim community and more broadly.

For more information, please contact NCEIS.

National Imams Consultative Forum Statements

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