Information on multilingualism

We have developed brochures about the benefits of multilingualism and language learning for everyone. We also make available bilingual fact sheets for parents and practical advice on developing early biliteracy.

Information brochures

RUMACCC has developed three brochures which highlight the benefits of multilingualism and LOTEs (Languages other than English) for everyone and address common prejudices against multilingualism and second language learning.

Fallacies brochure link

Some common fallacies about Multilingualism and Second Language Acquisition

Rebuts some common fallacies including the "crowded curriculum"; community languages as undermining literacy in English, and "unfair competition" coming from students with a background in community language

Diversity brochure link

Catering for linguistic diversity in Language Programs

Describes some of the various backgrounds that students are likely to have in a language, specific challenges this raises and some suggestions for catering for diversity.

Benefits brochure link

More languages, more benefits

Outlines the benefits of learning a third language, arguing that third language acquisition aids and is aided by second language acquisition.

Bilingual fact sheets

Mother and son reading a book togetherBrimbank Libraries have also developed bilingual fact sheets for parents Speaking two languages helps your child to learn. They are available for download in Arabic/English (405kb pdf), Chin/English (425kb pdf), Mandarin/English (805kb pdf) and Vietnamese/English (550kb pdf).

Practical advice

We have compiled a leaflet containing Practical advice on developing early biliteracy (680kb pdf).

Our list of further reading on the topic Raising children in more than one language: useful resources (670kb pdf) and the information on Language programs in schools may also be of interest to parents.