Melbourne Global Languages Scholarships

1st Feb 2018
1st Apr 2018
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Round 1: Travelling to study between May to October 2018
Round 2: Travelling to study between November 2018 to April 2019

Study Area

German studies, Italian studies, French studies, Russian studies, Spanish and Latin American studies, Japanese language and studies, Arabic studies, Chinese language and studies


Each year a limited number of scholarships are offered to high achieving undergraduate language students for study overseas. These scholarships are designed to assist with the costs of undertaking intensive programs of reasonable length, or semester or year-long exchanges.

This scholarship is open for applications twice per year:

Round One: Open 1 Feb 2018; Close 1 April 2018.
Travelling to study between May to October 2018

Round Two: Open 12 June 2018; Close 26 August 2018.
Travelling to study between November 2018 to April 2019


The amount available for this award varies between $1,500 - $7,000 per award.


Please also note that Melbourne Global Languages Scholarships have specific eligibility criteria:

  1. Be enrolled in a UoM degree or diploma during the scholarship application round
  2. Graduate students must have completed 50 points in their enrolled course
  3. Undergraduate students must have completed 100 points in their enrolled course (Students must have completed 50 points of modern language study at UoM or through approved complementary language subjects at other institutions which are credit against the enrolled degree or diploma)
  4. Be currently enrolled in a language subject as per their overseas study target language at the time of application
  5. The target language to be studied must be a native language to the intended country of exchange or study abroad
  6. The proposed overseas program of study must be equivalent to at least 12.5 points delivered in the target language and be credit bearing towards the currently enrolled UoM course
  7. Overseas programs shorter than a semester in duration must be of an intensive delivery mode
  8. The overseas study program must be approved by the Faculty and University
  9. The final funding amount awarded is up to the committee’s discretion and is based on a number of factors including destination country and course duration
  10. Achieved an H2B 70% average in the target language and overall WGPA of 70% across their academic record, with no results below an H2B (70+) in the target language subjects
  11. Have not previously or concurrently received Global Mobility funding including a Melbourne Global Languages Scholarship, Melbourne Global Grant or Melbourne Global Scholars Award.
  12. The Scholarship cannot be deferred
  13. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  14. The Committee has the discretion to consider applicant with special circumstances that would otherwise not meet an eligibility criteria


Download the guidelines for this scholarship

Application process

Download the application form

Complete the form and submit your application to OR to Level 5 of Babel (Building 139) in the Melbourne Global Languages Scholarship pigeon hole.