The Igor Meshakov-Korjakin Russian Scholarship

22nd Feb 2017
17th Apr 2017
Study level
Undergraduate, Honours, Graduate coursework, Graduate research
Enrolment status
Current student
University Trust Record


Study Area

Russian studies


The late Igor Meshakov-Korjakin, gave direction to establish a scholarship or scholarships for students of Russian. The scholarship is to enable students to study Russian language and/or Russian literature at a university in Russia or at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. The donor was a retired senior lecturer in the then department of Russian and Language Studies at the University.



The value will be shared by two or more recipients


Students must have successfully completed at least Russian Language and Culture 1 and 2 (or the equivalent)

Students who intend to travel for Study Exchange, Intensive Language/ Summer programs are encouraged to apply.

Examples of acceptable institutions: Pushkin Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Petrozavodsk State University


  • Scholarship travel must be taken between 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018
  • The scholarships will be awarded to the applicants who make the most compelling case for the use of scholarship funds in terms of their future studies/research and/or who best demonstrates that the funds would be integral to a successful research outcome.
  • The value of each scholarship is to be based on a reasonable amount to support the usual expenses that would be incurred in the nature of such a study trip and to be relative to the term of study proposed and approved by the committee and according to available funds.

Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within 21 days
  • Write two letters of appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance and after completion)
  • Submit a final report


Applicants will be notified of the outcome in late July 2017

Application process

You must supply the following documents to support your application. You can upload these into the application form:

  1. A summary of your proposed program of study in Russia (2 pages maximum)
  2. Evidence of initial contact or Global Mobility Exchange approval or short course placement at a Russian university including commencement and completion dates
  3. Current Academic Record/transcript
  4. Proof of current enrolment at the University of Melbourne
  5. Two academic references
  6. Any other documents or information which may assist the Faculty in making its decision