Wesley Michel Wright Prize

6th Mar 2017
15th May 2017
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UTR6.72 (74)

Study Area

Creative Writing, English and Theatre studies


The prestigious Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry is open for award to an author or composer of original verse or poetry in the English Language and who is an Australian citizen.

Congratulations to the 2016 winner Linda Weste for Nothing Sacred: A Novel in Verse.

Read more about Faculty of Arts Literary Awards 2016.




Open for award to an author or composer of original verse or poetry in the English Language and who is an Australian citizen.

Poems are to be no less than 50 lines and a maximum of 500 lines. Poems must have been published within the last 12 months from the closing date and in book or journal form (hard or electronic).


  • Works previously submitted as entries for the prize will not be accepted
  • There will only be one winner. The prize will not be shared
  • Applicants for this prize agree by submitting their work that their name, the name of their work and publishers details will be published on The University of Melbourne website and other University of Melbourne publications
  • Your book or poem will not be returned after the judging

Recipients are required to:

  • Accept the award online within 21 days


The winner will be publicly announced at the Faculty of Arts Literary Awards event at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Application process

You must supply the following documents to support your application. You can upload these into the electronic application form:C

  1. Copy of proof of Australian citizenship (passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate, etc.) Have a photocopy of your Passport, Birth Certificate, or Citizenship Certificate certified then upload in the application form. The selection committee may request your original copy at a later date
  2. A poem or a collection of poems. Poems are to be no less than 50 lines and a maximum of 500 lines. Poems can be consecutive poems or poems selected from different sections of your book to make up the line requirement. Title and footnotes are not included in line count
  3. If work is published electronically you must show printed evidence of work published. You must provide the address of the website
  4. A current ISSN or ISBN number for their book or journal publication. This includes electronic publications
  5. If your entry is part of a hard copy book, please upload the extract you would like to submit for judging. Alternatively apply online and mail four hard copies of your book clearly highlighting the 50-500 lines your are submitting for judging. These books will not be returned.

Mail to:

Faculty of Arts Awards Team
Level 1, Arts West Building
External Relations Unit (Rooms 101-123)
The University of Melbourne 3010