Research grant reporting requirements

Recipients of Faculty grants are required to provide a written report on the expenditure of research funds, and the progress of their research, by 1 March in the year following the grant.

Failure to provide a satisfactory report will render the recipient ineligible for any further grants.

  • Faculty Grants Schemes
  • Publication Subsidy Grant
  • Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS)
  • PhD Fieldwork Scheme
  • Conference Support

The reports will be considered by the Faculty Research & Research Training Committee and will form the basis for annual reports on research expenditure to the Central funding bodies of the University. The quality of your report(s), and therefore of the Research & Research Training (RRT) report, will play an important part in supporting the Faculty's case for research funding each year.

What to report

  • How the money was spent
  • Progress of the research as a result of the Grant
  • Name
  • School
  • Type of grant received
  • Amount of the Grant
  • Year in which Grant was awarded
  • A report on how the money was spent
  • A report on the progress of the research as a result of the Grant

Length of report

  • Grants under $2,000 require a short report of approximately 100-200 words
  • Grants over $2,000 require a report of 300-500 words

All reports must be typed. Handwritten reports will not be accepted.


Reports should be addressed to the Committee and sent to:

Graduate research students

Graduate Research Office
Faculty of Arts
Room 120, Old Arts (Building 149)


Arts Research Team