'The Evolution of Rationality,' HPS Seminar

Arts West North Wing 553 (Discursive Space)

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Fiona Fidler


Dr Stephen Ames, HPS, University of Melbourne

The non-reductive physicalist N. Murphy, informed by works of F.Destke, D. Campbell and J.Kim, offers an account of how a sequence of mental events ordered in terms of reasons can be reconciled with an account of those same events connected by neurobiological causes.   Reconciliation is one thing, but Murphy’s goal is to tell this story without having to presuppose rational agency. I will argue that Murphy’s account fails and that this conclusion is has implications for an account of the evolution of rationality, which I will examine in discussion with the work of W.S. Cooper, J. Wilkins and P. Griffiths, and P. Raatikainanen.