Dan Halliday's 'Ethics Matters' ABC education series

Dr Dan Halliday will be hosting an ABC educational series 'Ethics Matters' on ABC3 (and IView): http://www.abc.net.au/tveducation/series/ETHICSMATTERS-NEW.htm

In the series, Halliday talks with philosophers and helps place different ideas in a real world context for a secondary school level audience.

The series is made up of 12 episodes and will continue in term 4.

Other episodes include 
-Shaping Our Bodies
- Forgive or Punish?
- Ethical Consumption
- Past Injustices
- Religious Diversity
- Creating Borders
- Animals
- The Environment

The series is accompanied by a website with various other materials, including podcasts: www.ethicsmatterstvseries.com

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