New Books by Ron Ridley

Congratuations to Emeritus Professor Ron Ridley for the publication of three books in 2017:

Rome, Twenty-nine Centuries, A Chronological Guide (Rome: Gangemi, 2017) -- a new kind of guide to Rome, organised by century rather than by district;

The Prince of Antiquarians: Francesco de Ficoroni (Rome, Quasar, 2017), a biography of Ficoroni (1662-1747), a central figure in the antiquarian life of Europe of his age, to be launched in Rome shortly;


Magick City, Travellers to Rome from the Middle Ages to 1900, 3 vols (London, Pallas Athena, 2017) -- a comprehensive anthology of travellers' writings about Rome.

For more details:…/rome-twenty-nine-cen…/7526/8…/…/Ficoroni_scheda_2982.pdf…/…/184368067X