History and Philosophy of Science

Current research

Michael Arnold

  • High speed broadband and Australian home life
  • Digital commemoration
  • Digital Storytelling among young Aboriginals

James Bradley

  • Nervous System in the Nineteenth Century
  • Biography and history
  • Convicts and Transportation - continuing Founders and Survivors/convicts and diggers

Kristian Camilleri

  • History and philosophy of thought experiments in science
  • The string theory debates
  • Rethinking the doctrine of classical concepts
  • The physicist as philosopher: The shaping of an intellectual tradition, 1880-1960

Howard Sankey

  • Realism, scepticism, relativism
  • Epistemology and philosophy of science

Gerhard Wiesenfeldt

  • Practical knowledge in early modern Dutch science
  • Newton in Dutch natural philosophy in the 18th century
  • Science and philosophy in German romantic thought
  • Science and cultural memory

Current ARC projects

Discovery projects

Online Memorials (2013-2016)

Dr Michael Arnold, Dr Martin Gibbs, Dr Tamara Kohn, Dr Bjorn Nansen, Dr Elizabeth Hallam.

This project investigates the interrelated commemorative practices, technology platforms, and social formations associated with digital commemoration. The urgency of this project arises as diverse forms of digital commemoration are increasingly used to express grief, solidarity and community, but are also a source of public and often personal disquiet. Digital commemoration is an emerging and often controversial practice with important implications for social institutions, cultural conventions and personal values. This study makes a timely evidence-based contribution to an understanding of changing commemorative practices, their digital mediation, and the interactions between them.

History and Philosophy of Science past research projects