The School is very keen to have contact with our graduates and to provide avenues for their continued involvement with the program through our events, programs and publications. By staying in touch with us, you can keep in touch with your peers, make new friends who have shared some of your experiences, find career information and know what's happening.

If you would like to get in touch or receive mail outs about the program's activities and alumni functions, please don't hesitate to email your details to us (please see our Contact us web page). You are a part of our history and we value your interest and continuing involvement. You can also visit the sites below for further information on Alumni services and activities at The University of Melbourne.

Alumni are encouraged to attend our public events, which include public lectures, forums, seminars, conferences and more. See our News and Events web page for more details.

Daniel McDonald. 'The University of Melbourne' c. 1885
Daniel McDonald. The University of Melbourne c. 1885

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