CoEDL SHAPE Corpus workshop series 2017


 CoEDL SHAPE Corpus workshop series 2017

William Macmahon Ball Theatre (Room 107)
Parville campus - Old Arts


The workshops will exhibit research on specific linguistic topics for which aspects of corpus-linguistic / corpus-based methods make a particular difference - such that we learn things that we could not have learned otherwise - and thus a contribution to grammar writing, language typology, and/or linguistic theories.

The series consists of a 1 day workshop focussing on creation of corpora from early manuscripts, a 1 day workshop focussing on new insights into language systems and use through corpus-based methods and a 1 day meeting of SHAPE corpus shepherds to discuss progress, issues, and future developments in building SHAPE corpora of Australian and Pacific language corpora.

Detailed information on each day is available through the registration page and on the workshop series website:


  • Dr Stefan Schnell
    Dr Stefan Schnell, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Nick Thieberger
    Dr Nick Thieberger, University of Melbourne