LAL Seminar: Prof. Tim McNamara


LAL Seminar: Prof. Tim McNamara

Room 407
Babel building (139)


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T: 83441758

Join Prof. Tim McNamara for a seminar: Mapping applied linguistics

What does a mapping of the field of Applied Linguistics look like? It has a chronological as well as a spatial dimension, providing a guide to the evolution of thinking in the field as well as tracing its contemporary breadth, in terms of the topics it deals with, the professions to which it is relevant, its methodologies, and the disciplines from which it draws. The portrait is many faceted; no single perspective can do justice to the reality of applied linguistics. The paper proposes five mutually reflective vantage points for understanding the character and development of the field: Individuality, Interpersonality, Identity, Institutionality and Interculturality.


  • Professor Tim McNamara
    Professor Tim McNamara, Professor in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics