LAL Seminar: Dr Yukinori Kimoto


LAL Seminar: Dr Yukinori Kimoto

Babel building room 407


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T: 8344 1758

Join Dr Yukinori Kimoto for a seminar - Verbal Morphology and Event Classification in Arta: A Northern Philippine Language.

This talk aims to analyze the verbal morphology of Arta, an underdescribed Philippine language, and to provide some implications for the typological features of Philippine languages. In this talk, the following two key features of Arta verbal affixes are shown. First, unlike many other Philippine languages, there are four predicate classes marked by affixes in Arta: dynamic verb, potentive (or aptative) verb, stative verb and adjective. Second, affix alternations in Arta, including so-called Philippine-type focus/voice system, function differently from "voice" in ordinary sense, but are more like an event-classification device.


  • Dr Yukinori  Kimoto
    Dr Yukinori Kimoto, Nagoya University