Graduate funding schemes


School research funds are available to assist Masters by Research and PhD candidates with their research, within the guidelines specified below. These funds may either be used on their own, or to support applications such as GRATS, GRATS Top-Up, or other Faculty and University schemes.


PhD students are eligible to apply for a total of $2000 across their candidature. Masters by Research students are eligible to apply for a total of $1000 across their candidature. Students may make as many applications as they like, until the total funding amount is reached.

Please note: The following funding information applies to RHD students who commenced from 2016 onwards. If you commenced prior to 2016, please contact the School’s Teaching and Research Officer, Letty Nieuwenhuizen for the applicable funding allowances.

What the funding covers

Interstate and overseas travel for archival research

The School will supply supporting funds for Arts Faculty and University travel grants, such as GRATS and GRATS Top-Up.


The School will supply funding for conference attendance to present a paper either in Australia or overseas.

General research related costs

Graduates may apply for funding towards specific expenses associated with their research project (e.g. purchase of books/specialised dictionaries/microfilms/CDs/overseas inter-library loans/postage costs to administer questionnaires). Please attach a justification if applying for general related costs.

Thesis expenses: submission

Graduates not supported by a University funded scholarship are eligible to apply for a grant towards expenses incurred in the binding and printing of their theses. Scholarship holders should visit the Graduate scholarships website to apply for a Thesis allowance.


Funding is only open to students who have been confirmed and who have not exceed 3.5 years of full time equivalent study.

Applications must be submitted for each request.

Funding requests not covered by these guidelines may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Justification must be provided as to the relevance of the funding sought.

Special scheme

In addition to the School of Languages and Linguistics Research and Graduate Studies Scheme, there are two special schemes that support particular kinds of research data collection. Funding from these schemes is in addition to funding from the research and graduate studies scheme.

Research Data Collection Support

The School will provide funds to support research data collection costs. Funding covers out of pocket expenses associated with research participants.

Eligibility: This scheme is open to PhD students with a total support of $2000, and in MA (Research) students with a total support of $1000.

Please note: Students who receive funds from the Faculty PhD Fieldwork Scheme (see below) are not entitled to support from the Research Data Collection Support.

Application Process: Please complete the Research and Graduate Studies Scheme application form: (link)

PhD Arts Faculty Fieldwork Scheme

Fieldwork funding may be accessed when the primary sources of data can only be obtained by undertaking work at an offsite location.

The maximum amount allowable under this scheme is $10,000 over the duration of the PhD candidature (whether in one long trip, or several repeat trips). The School of Languages and Linguistics is required to contribute 25% towards the total budget.

For details on eligibility and the application process, please see the Arts Faculty Fieldwork Scheme guidelines

Eligibility: This scheme is open to PhD students.

Please note: Students who receive funds from Research Data Collection Scheme (above) are not entitled to support from this fund.

Enquiries: Letty Nieuwenhuizen-

Application process

  1. Download the School Languages and Linguistics Research and Graduate Studies (RAGS) Funding Scheme Application Form. Complete form; attach the required supporting documentation; ask your supervisor to comment and endorse the application.
  2. If this is your first research funding payment, or if your address or banking details have changed since the last payment, complete an application for student supplier form.
  3. If applying for GRATS, GRATS Top-Up, PhD Fieldwork, or other schemes, please ensure you have completed the associated Faculty application forms and relevant leave forms via the student portal.
  4. Email to the School's Teaching and Research Officer, Letty Nieuwenhuizen: RAGS applications for matching funding for GRATS or PhD Fieldwork MUST be submitted together with the full GRATS or PhD Fieldwork Grant application.

Upon approval

Payment: your bank account should be credited within two weeks for the approved amount unless you have applied for the GRATS or PhD Fieldwork schemes in which case the funding for both schemes will be transferred together once you have been approved for all funding.

Complete Insurance applications at least two weeks prior to travel. Please liaise with the University Insurance Officer if you have any queries.