Language Exchange Club

What is Language Exchange Club?

Language Exchange Club logoLanguage Exchange Club is a student-run, not-for-profit UMSU affiliated organisation that aims to provide a platform for all language learners engage/interact with native speakers.

Language Exchange Club offers members the opportunity to participate in weekly language exchange sessions for a variety of languages (including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Arabic and German).

Sessions are usually run by native language speakers and are targeted at language learners for both English and the language specific to the session. Make friends, international contacts and improve your language skills naturally!

What are the benefits?

  • Make friends with native speakers - great for progressing your language learning experience - and in return, help them out with their second-language study. A win-win!
  • Practice what you learn naturally. Apply what you learn in your lectures in everyday life
  • Struggling to find words? Our sessions encourage casual conversation by providing you with sample topics, interesting words and games and activities

Our session times and venues

Chinese-English Language Exchange Session: Room 225, Alice Hoy (Building 162), Tuesday 12pm-1pm

Russian-English Language Exchange Session: Room 309, Alice Hoy (Building 162), Tuesday 1pm-2pm

Italian-English Language Exchange Session: Room 216A, John Medley (Building 191), Tuesday 1pm-2pm

Indonesian-English Language Exchange Session: Room 114, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (Building 158), Tuesday 1pm-2pm

Spanish-English Language Exchange Session: Room 217, Babel (Buidling 139), Wednesday 5.15pm-6.15pm

French-English Language Exchange Session: 205, David Caro Podium, Wednesday 5.15pm-6.15pm

Japanese-English Language Exchange Session: Room 116, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (Building 158), Monday 5.15pm-6.15pm

Arabic-English Language Exchange Session: Room 115, Alice Hoy (Building 162), Thursday 5.15pm-6.15pm

Cantonese-English Language Exchange Session: Basement 114, 207 Bouverie St (Building 379), Friday 12pm-1pm

Korean-English Language Exchange Session: Room 333, Alice Hoy (Building 162), Thursday 1pm-2pm

German-English Language Exchange Session: Room 118, Alice Hoy (Building 162), Thursday 5.15pm-6.15pm


Membership fee: $3 (annual membership)

Contact details

Enquiries: Email Language Exchange
Facebook: Language Exchange Club Melbourne Uni