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Charlotte Morgans

Helen  Philip-Tchepikov
(Acting School Manager December 2016 - February 2017)

School Manager
Charlotte manages the operations of the School of Languages and Linguistics (SOLL) including a core team of professional staff and, as required, specific project staff related to research projects and tied-funded initiatives. She also supports and advises HoS, School Exec and leadership team to ensure the successful delivery of School Strategic priorities and compliance with Faculty and University policies and requirements. Charlotte also supports and strengthens working relationships with key services providers in the areas of Academic Support, External Relations, Research, Strategy and Planning and Employee Services.
Phone: +61 3 8344 3612

Phone: +61 3 8344 6198
Trudie MolloyAdministrative Assistant
Trudie provides administrative and operational support, manages Babel facilities between levels 1-7 Including: Maintenance requests, room booking, space allocation and moves, keys and security issues, stationery and consumable orders. She coordinates all externally facing school events, and provides logistical support for visitors to SOLL. Trudie is also the local Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Coordinator and manages School induction process. She is an eCart expert.
Phone: +61 3 9035 6642
Jen Graham-WilliamsExecutive Assistant
Jen provides Executive Support to our Head of School and School Manager, and Executive Support to all committee's within the SOLL (Executive/Research/Research & Training/Engagement). She also organises the following; whole of School Meetings, Planning Days, PDF process, and coordinators Honorary renewal and appointment process.
Phone: +61 3 8344 4720
Belinda HofmeyrResearch Support Officer for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dynamics of Language
Belinda is responsible for the day to day operational, finance and administrative functions of the Centre node, in close collaboration with academic and professional staff in the Centre, SOLL and Faculty of Arts. The role contributes to planning, budgeting, financial management and output data reporting of Centre research activities at the node. Another key responsibility of the role is to provide high-level support for industry linkages, the management of existing grants and project management of the Centre's engagement activities.
Phone: +61 3 8344 7626
Brighde CollinsProject Officer for Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL)
Brighde provides assistance to RUIL members in the overall running of the Research Unit, project management of the Unit’s engagement activities, and research assistance support where required. She works closely with the Unit Director and RUIL researchers to provide services relating to the incubation and development of new research projects; this includes: project scoping and briefings, partner liaison, planning and budgeting, and literature searches. She is responsible for special projects and engagement activities within the Unit, including project management of symposia and conferences, website maintenance, putting together the biannual newsletter and assisting the Unit’s Director in developing the Unit’s strategic and operational plans.
Phone: +61 3 8344 3311
Kathryn WellerResearch Centre Administrative Officer for Language Testing Research Centre (LTRC)
Kathryn provides a leading role in the day-to-day operational, finance and administrative functions of the LTRC. Kathryn works in close collaboration with academic staff in the Centre and with professional staff across the School of Languages and Linguistics and the Faculty of Arts. Kathryn contributes to planning, budgeting and financial management and reporting on Centre activities. She provides high-level support for industry linkages, the management of grants and projects and is the main administrative support to the Centre Director, Dr Ute Knoch.
Phone: +61 3 8344 2645
Gavin NebauerAudio Officer / Studio Manager
Gavin is the in-house expert on all things audio/visual, and he actively supports researchers with fieldwork equipment and recording devices. He is also the Manager of the Horwood Studio, located at John Medley (Building 191).
Phone: +61 3 8344 5195
Letty NieuwenhuizenTeaching and Research Officer
Letty provides high-level administrative support for the graduate research activities in the School including assisting with the application process and scholarship scoring, as well as the management of all aspects of student candidature, including candidature variations, milestones, examinations and allocation of resources. Letty works collaboratively with Wendy to deliver high quality support in the annual course and subject change process, handbook editing, results and timetabling activities and graduate research selection and candidature management.
Phone: +61 3 8344 7407
Rebecca MestroniAcademic Programs Team Leader
Rebecca provides leadership and expert advice in the successful operation and organization of the School's academic programs and teaching and learning needs across undergraduate, honours, coursework and research higher degree programs. This includes taking responsibility for the effective management of the School’s annual course and subject change process, casual staff support, handbook editing, and results, and timetabling activities. She also Initiates and develops administrative strategies and systems that enhance the efficiency of these activities and Rebecca also maintains a high level of awareness of wider University policies and procedures.
Phone: +61 3 8344 7432