Global Network on Justice. Conflict. Responsibility

Overview of the network

The Global Network on Justice. Conflict. Responsibility provides a public platform for the discussion and analysis of contemporary justice issues in Australia. Building on current expertise in the School of Social and Political Sciences and across the University, the network operates as a forum for building partnerships and promoting knowledge exchange between international and national academic institutions, non-government organisations (NGOs) and government agencies focused specifically on practices of justice in conflictual and post-conflict societies and their relevance in the local Australian context.

In so doing, the network functions as a research and collaboration hub connecting the global and the local, bringing the experiences in Australia to bear on contemporary transitional and international justice practice and scholarship and vice versa. Now there exists an Australian transitional justice network. The network, based on engagement between NGO policy and practitioner expertise and research institutions, and directing attention to the context and experiences of Australia, is a unique and critical voice in Australian public life and a focus for research activity at this and other universities nationally and internationally.

Aim of the network

The aims of the network are as follows:

  1. To draw together the insights and experiences of international and national NGOs, policy makers and academics on 'living with conflict' and 'enabling justice' with a view to establishing and supporting an effective model for long-term engagement between key stakeholders
  2. To bring Australian experiences and understandings of conflict and justice (both the Indigenous experience and the experience of those fleeing conflict) into conversation with international experiences and understandings
  3. To constitute a unique and critical voice in Australian public life and internationally