An internship undertaken while studying at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences will develop discipline specific and professionally oriented skills which build upon your studies.

Internship overview

An internship can help you to:

  • Better understand how your studies are applied in practice
  • Relate the skills and knowledge learned in other subjects of your degree to the specific activities of the placement
  • Critically reflect on the relationship between theory and practice

It will enhance your understanding of workforce practice, and build networks by allowing you to:

  • Gain an insight into the range of activities of the organisation, its structures, and processes
  • Gain exposure to a distinct organisational work environment and culture
  • Better understand the broader context in which the organisation operates, such as local, regional, international, socio-economic and cultural environments
  • Build networks and contacts with professionals in your chosen field or area of interest

An internship will develop, enhance and refine a number of personal skills and attributes as you make a positive contribution to the activities of the host organisation. These include:

  • Resourcefulness, adaptability, communication, working independently, teamwork
  • Time management, to enhance research and analytical skills
  • Reporting and communication of progress through the analysis of projects or tasks you have undertaken for the host organisation

For more information please see the Graduate internship grants web page.


The following Masters by Coursework programs include an internship placement option.


Students enrolled in these programs who are interested in completing an internship should complete the Graduate Internship - Expression of Interest form prior to enrolment or requesting enrolment.

Aurora Native Title Internship Program

The Program introduces students and graduates of anthropology and other social sciences (archaeology, cultural heritage, environmental management, history, human geography and sociology) to career opportunities in native title, policy development, social justice and Indigenous affairs. Applications for the winter 2016 round of internships will be open from Monday 7th March through Friday 1st April 2016.

For more information please visit the Aurora Project website.

Health and safety

Applicants must complete a risk assessment form.

Please note: Students travelling overseas/interstate for an internship have to complete both the risk assessment form (P2) and register their travels with the insurance office. The documents MUST be processed and approved by the Coordinator before leaving Melbourne. We strongly advise students to submit all the paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to their departure.