Exit awards

Students initially enrolled in the higher award course, who are either unable, or who choose not to continue with their studies, may request to exit the course and take the award for one of the lesser qualifications, as long as they have satisfied all requirements of the lesser qualification.


To be eligible for the Exit Award the student must have met the course requirements of the proposed Exit Award, normally in the year of the higher award course's discontinuation. The course rules of the proposed Exit Award normally need to be satisfied in full by the subjects completed in the discontinued higher award course.

Please note: All core/compulsory subjects need to be completed to be considered for an Exit Award. Additionally, elective subjects must adhere to list in the Handbook, or the maximum external subject policy. Students are advised to refer to the Handbook.

Exit Awards can only be approved in recognition of coursework subjects completed towards the higher award course. This does not include advanced standing that may have been awarded towards the course for professional experience. Recognition (towards Exit Award course) of advanced standing for previous studies that may have been awarded towards the higher award course, needs to be re-assessed against the course rules of the Exit Award on a case by case basis.

Students have 18 months from census date of their last enrolled subject to apply for an Exit Award. If the degree they are seeking to exit with becomes discontinued within this timeframe we will be unable award the exit award.

Application process


Applications must be submitted by the close of business of the following dates.

  • Closing dates for Semester 1 subject enrolment - 31 August (for graduation* in December)
  • Closing dates for Semester 2 subject enrolment - 31 January (for graduation* in July/August)

We will advise the outcome within 15 business days from the closing date.

Decisions and processing will not be undertaken outside of the above dates.

*Your award must be conferred at a University ceremony before you will be posted your testamur certificate.

The Exit Award application must be completed online. Please do not use the application form for any enquiries.


The Exit Award application must be completed online. Please do not use the application form for any enquiries.



Email: arts-gradstudies@unimelb.edu.au