Sample study plans

Below are sample study plans only for each Masters by Coursework program, for students commencing semester 1, 2015. The information is current as of 23 December 2014. The sample study plans are based upon full time enrolment.

You must ensure that you follow the program structure from the year you commenced. All compulsory and core subjects must be completed. Please visit the Handbook for program structure.

Study plans

Master of Applied Linguistics (MC-APLING)

TESOL specialisation

English Language specialisation

Language Testing specialisation

Technology in Language Learning specialisation

Master of Arts and Cultural Management (175AA)

No specialisation

Moving Image specialisation

Master of Art Curatorship (038AB)

Master of Criminology (274AB)

Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing (D01LF)

Master of Cultural Material Conservation (MC-CULMC)

Master of Development (097GD)

No specialisation

Gender and Development specialisation

Master of Global Media Communication (MC-GMCOM)

Master of International Relations (MC-IR)

Master of Public Administration (MC-PA)

Master of Public Administration, Enhanced (MC-PAENH)

Master of Public Policy and Management (344AB)

Master of Publishing and Communications (MC-PUBCOM)

Master of Social Policy (706AA)

Master of Arts in Professional and Applied Ethics (MC-ARTPAE)

Master of Marketing Communications (MKTCOMM)

Master of Translation (MC-TRANS)