Study Abroad and Exchange

Travel overseas for credit towards your degree!

Melbourne Global Mobility provides support to students interested in studying overseas for credit towards their University of Melbourne degree.

There are two main ways to study overseas as part of your Melbourne degree, as an Exchange student (see below) or as a Study Abroad student (see below). On either program you may receive credit or fulfil degree requirements. Graduate students are ineligible to receive the Melbourne Abroad Scholarship and should instead investigate travel funding options through the Melbourne Scholarships website.

Exchange Students

Exchange students from The University of Melbourne take up a course place at an approved overseas institution and in return a student from that institution may study at The University of Melbourne. As an Exchange student you remain enrolled as a full-time student at The University of Melbourne and continue to pay your fees here in whatever form you have previously paid them. You are also enrolled as a full-time student at the host institution, but you are not required to pay any tuition fees at that institution. Exchange students must travel to a partner institution.

For more information please visit the Melbourne Global Mobility Outbound students Exchange web page.

Study Abroad Students

Study Abroad students enrol at institutions that do not have an exchange agreement with The University of Melbourne. As a Study Abroad student you must take a leave of absence from your degree at The University of Melbourne and enrol directly with, and pay any applicable tuition fees to, your chosen institution. Study Abroad students will be required to arrange their own overseas study program, but are welcome to use this web site and the Melbourne Global Mobility resource room for advice, and attend the Exchange pre-departure session, where possible.

For more information please visit the Melbourne Global Mobility Outbound students Study Abroad web page.