Resources for new research candidates

An overview of next steps once you have been accepted into a research program in the Faculty of Arts

Coursework in the PhD

All PhD students (and any MA students considering converting to a PhD) will have to complete coursework in the first year of their candidature. It is strongly recommended that you commence your studies in late February so that you can attend our welcome and orientation program, familiarize yourself as a graduate research student and begin the year-long workshop program which starts early March.

Details about the coursework can be found on the PhD coursework web page.

How to enrol in PhD coursework

  • You must accept your offer by the offer lapse date in your admission letter
  • To accept or decline your offer refer to the instructions in your admission letter
  • You must also complete your enrolment by the start date of the semester in which you are enrolling
  • When you reach the 'Select Subjects' step you will have completed all that you can in the student system but your enrolment won't be complete yet

To finalise your enrolment please submit the online Faculty of Arts PhD Coursework enrolment request form. On the form you must:

a. Agree to the terms and conditions of coursework enrolment
b. Confirm your candidature commencement date
c. Confirm your PhD Coursework subject selection

When we have received your completed Workshop and Elective form and have your commencement date we will complete your enrolment and send you an email to confirm this. It will not be possible to complete your enrolment until we have received the completed form.

Welcome and orientation

Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Orientation Welcome

Each year, the Faculty of Arts invites commencing graduate research students to an Orientation Welcome Session. At this session you'll meet other commencing research students, current students, and staff; learn about PhD coursework, enrolment, the research student experience, and more; and enjoy refreshments before visiting your academic schools.

Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Melbourne CSHE)

For information about upcoming orientation events please visit the Melbourne CSHE Graduate researchers orientation web page.

Melbourne CSHE offers an on-line program Postgraduate Essentials. This award-winning course provides newly enrolled PhD and research Masters candidates with practical information and skills for their research studies, and opportunities to network with their peers and university experts.

The cohort of Strategies for a Successful Start begins in early January each year. Current PhD and research Masters Candidates can register on the Melbourne CSHE Graduate research ePortfolio web page to participate. Check this website for updates to course enrolment times throughout the year.

Postgraduate Essentials: Strategies for a Successful Start contains 6 modules, each live for 2 weeks:

  • Starting your PhD
  • Getting organised
  • Working with your supervisor
  • Searching the literature
  • Writing a literature review
  • Preparing for confirmation

Responsible conduct of research and intellectual property rights

We strongly recommend that you read the web pages linked on the Research integrity web page.

You should also be aware of your Intellectual Property rights and responsibilities. Please see the Intellectual Property Policy (MPF1320) web page.

Seminars and workshops

The Faculty of Arts runs a number of seminars and workshops for graduate research students at difference stages of their candidature and specifically tailored for Humanities and Social Science researchers. The following seminars/workshops are on offer throughout the year and students will be notified when registrations are open:

  • How to do a literature review
  • Towards completion/publishing/career
  • Thesis writer's circle
  • Winter renewal
  • Preparing for confirmation
  • Academic presentations

The Library offer classes to help graduate research students. Details are available on the Library Classes and tours web page.