Cross-institutional study

If you are interested in undertaking a subject that isn't offered at The University of Melbourne, it may be possible for you to complete this subject at another university and have it count toward your current degree. This is known as cross-institutional study.

To undertake cross-institutional study, the subject you choose must be directly related to your study and be appropriate to your qualification. Approval will not be given if you want to take a subject that is closely equivalent to a University of Melbourne subject, unless exceptional reasons exist (for example an unplanned, short-term work transfer interstate). Approval will not be granted to students studying the Juris Doctor for any reason.

Outgoing students (The University of Melbourne)

The Faculty of Arts permits undergraduate students to undertake subjects of equivalent standing for credit at other Australian institutions.

Permission to take subjects at another institution may be granted by the Associate Dean, Academic Programs, provided that the student has a sound academic record (an H2B average with no 'fails') and the following conditions are met:

  • A similar subject is not available at the University of Melbourne
  • The subject is of equivalent standard and weighting to subjects available at the University of Melbourne (eg a second-year subject that constitutes at least one-eighth of a normal second-year workload is necessary in order for the student to replace a single-semester second-year Arts subject)
  • The student has planned a program of study that will enable him/her to complete the requirements of the course
  • The student has not previously failed a subject taken on a complementary course basis
  • For more information please visit the Students Cross Institutional Study web page


Please note: When approval for complementary course study has been obtained it is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have satisfied all enrolment requirements at both institutions. Other institutions may have different enrolment deadlines which must be met. Students who wish to withdraw from complementary course subjects must inform both institutions and complete all necessary procedures by the deadlines set by both institutions.

Incoming students (non-University of Melbourne)

The Faculty of Arts may approve complementary studies (cross-institutional studies) for applicants from other Australian tertiary institutions who meet the following requirements:

  • An academic standard comparable to students enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne. Applicants who are yet to commence their degree or diploma must have achieved The University of Melbourne's minimum ATAR score for entry into the Bachelor of Arts. Applicants who have already completed part of their degree or diploma must have a 70% grade point average. Certified copies of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Tertiary Entrance Rank results (TERs) and the results of any tertiary subjects attempted must be attached to the application
  • Satisfaction of prerequisite study for the relevant subject
  • Letter from the student's home institution, attached to the application, stating that any studies undertaken at The University of Melbourne will be credited towards the diploma or degree at that institution
  • For more information please visit the Students Cross Institutional Study web page


  • Applications for complementary studies in special-entry or quota restricted subjects will not be accepted
  • In each instance approval to enrol will be valid for one year only. If a candidate wishes to undertake another complementary subject in a subsequent year, approval must be sought again for that year with no guarantee of acceptance

Please note: It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their enrolment details are correct at both institutions to avoid problems concerning Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) liability. The student must advise the Arts and Music Student Centre in writing of any withdrawal from subjects taught by the University of Melbourne. The Arts and Music Student Centre cannot verify withdrawal from subjects for HECS purposes unless this has been done.