Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are free weekly study sessions with fellow students led by a high achieving student (PASS Leader) who has successfully completed the subject in a previous year.

What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are free group study sessions led by a student (PASS Leader) who has successfully completed the subject in a previous year.

PASS is designed for students who want to maximise engagement and enjoyment of their subjects. It's also been shown that students who attend PASS have been able to improve their academic performance and acheive higher grades.

Study sessions are friendly, informal and collaborative. During a PASS session students:

  • Share study techniques
  • Expand on discussions from tutorials
  • Review subject readings and lecture notes
  • Discuss key course concepts
  • Prepare for assessment
  • Make friends
  • Eat lollies

Who can participate in PASS?

Any student enrolled in one of the following Semester 1, 2018 subjects can attend sessions. Click the link to join the Facebook group. Sessions start in Week 2!

MULT10018 PowerBrockMondays 12-1Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
MULT10014 PowerTunaTuesdays 1.15-2.15Room 256, Arts WestJoin
MULT10018 PowerJadeThursdays 12-1Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
MULT10018 PowerJadeThursdays 2.15-3.15Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
MULT10014 IdentityAishahTuesdays 1.15-2.15Room 261, Arts WestJoin
MULT10014 IdentityAmandaTuesdays 2.15-3.15Room 227, Old ArtsJoin
MULT10016 ReasonJessicaThursdays 12-1Room 209, Old ArtsJoin
ANCW10001 Ancient Egypt and MesopotamiaRebeccaTuesdays 12-1Room 261, Arts WestJoin
FREN10004 French 1RachelMondays 12-1Room 116, Old ArtsJoin
FREN10004 French 1MadelineThursdays 11-12Room 213 "The Atrium", Old ArtsJoin
SPAN10001 Spanish 1PriyalWednesdays 2.15-3.15Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
SPAN10001 Spanish 1BalramWednesdays 11-12Room 231, Old ArtsJoin
ITAL10004 Italian 1 CarolineWednesdays 1.15-2.15Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
GERM10004 German 1JackMondays 12-1 Room WG05, John Medley WestJoin
GERM10004 German 1JackWednesdays 2.15-3.15Room 208, David Caro - PodiumJoin
GERM10001/20004 German 3ImogenTuesdays 1.15-2.15Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
GERM10006/20007/30005 German 5OskarTuesdays 12-1Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
CWRI10001 Creative Writing: Ideas and PracticeAnTuesdays 2.15-3.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
CWRI10001 Creative Writing: Ideas and PracticeCarlyMondays 4.15-5.15Room 253, Arts WestJoin
CWRI10001 Creative Writing: Ideas and PracticeNatalieMondays 2.15-3.15Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
ENGL10002 Literature and PerformanceLucyMondays 2.15-3.15Room 253, Arts WestJoin
CWRI20007 PoetryNicholasMondays 1.15-2.15Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
ENGL30046 Romancing the MedievalOlympiaWednesdays 12-1Room G18 (Meeting Room 2), Old PhysicsJoin
POLS10003 Introduction to Political IdeasTombiMondays 3.15-4.15Room 253, Arts WestJoin
POLS10003 Introduction to Political IdeasTombiThursdays 1.15-2.15Room G10, Old QuadJoin
DEVT10001 The Developing WorldMeghanMondays 11-12Room 209, Old ArtsJoin
POLS10001 Australian PoliticsJosephThursdays 2.15-3.15Room 213 "The Atrium", Old ArtsJoin
POLS20011 The Politics of SexYasminMondays 11-12Room 561, Arts WestJoin
GEND20003 Genders, Bodies & SexualitiesMayaThursdays 2.15-3.15Room WG05, John Medley WestJoin
POLS30015 International Gender PoliticsPhilippaTuesdays 11-12Room 143, Old ArtsJoin
SOLS30001 Law in Social TheoryLilyThursdays 12-1Room 213 "The Atrium", Old ArtsJoin
LING20005 PhoneticsTimTuesdays 12-1Room 263, Old ArtsJoin
LING30007 SemanticsSarahMondays 2.15 - 3.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
PHIL200039 The Nature of RealityCampbellMondays 1.15-2.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin
CRIM30011 Young People, Crime and JusticeEstherMondays 3.15-4.15Room 210, Old ArtsJoin


Attending PASS has been proven to improve students' academic performances. This can happen whether you're struggling with the subject or aiming for the best mark in the class.

PASS students have also said they find sessions to be more effective than studying alone, ie. 1 hour of PASS = 3 hours of studying alone.

PASS can help with:

  • Study strategies
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Problem solving
  • Meeting new people

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